Cart Magic - 1 Pound Pure Beeswax-Cosmetic Grade
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1 Pound Pure Beeswax-Cosmetic Grade
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This is a cosmetic grade beeswax, and all around great beeswax for everything.

I have 1 pound bar of yellow beeswax. The size of the bar is 1"x3 3/4"x6 1/2". Each bar is wrapped. 

Hi, my family has been working the bees for over 50 years. I'm a second generation beekeeper, and have been working the bees for over 35 years. I started working the bees for only the honey, but my bees make over two tons of beeswax this year. I sell most of my beeswax off to big candle maker. My beeswax is all pure, there is no additives or colors.  I don't treat my bees with any type of pesticides or chemicals. Most of your beekeeper use pesticides to kill the mites, I don't! This beeswax is all organic and natural.    

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