Cart Magic - 2000000mAh Solar Power Bank LED 2 USB Backup Battery Charger For iPhone Samsung
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2000000mAh Solar Power Bank LED 2 USB Backup Battery Charger For iPhone Samsung
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Item Description:                                                                                                                                              
1? high capacity mobile charger external battery power bank
2?Super compatibility, compatible with more than 99% mobile phones, tablet PCs 
3?Dual USB ports, you can charge phone, pad or other small electronic devices.simultaneously 
4?LED light, press the switch twice, the LED will light up, works perfectly in darkness, especially for emergency 
 ( Double-click or long press the power bank on the right side of the mobile power bank to turn on or off the        device's lighting )
5?Solar Power Charger, Outdoor Waterproof 
Stylish, portable ,user-friendly and durable for on the go use.
High capacity,solar powered,environmentally-friendly.
Emergency charger for cell phone and other compatible devices.
Dual USB port, enable to charge 2 different interface accessories
Battery capacity: 2000000mah
Shell Material: ABS Silicone
Size: 138*76*19MM
Solar Panel: 1.2W
Input voltage: DC 5V 1A
Output 1: 5V 1A
Output 2: 5V 2.1A
Weight : 250g
Important note (please read!):
Please charge the wall outlet for the first time.
Manufacturer's nominal capacity: 2000,000mAh; Actual capacity: ~15000-18000mAh
Solar charging is a supplement, please do not fully charge.
To connect to a power outlet, look for the phone A/C power adapter:
Note: 900000 mah is a theoretical capacity from the
 company. You can charge 3-6 times(depending on your
 phones conversion rate) at one go. We guarantee 3-4 times of
 charging capability.
Package Included:
1 x Dual USB Solar Power Charger ?With battery, not a box?
1 x USB Charger Cable
1 x Retail Box
1 x hook

Benefits of Solar-Powered Phone Chargers

You can harness energy from the sun if there is a proper way to harness it. Solar energy is renewable and unlimited. That is why many accessories and gadgets are solar-powered now. Although the primary power source of phones is still electricity, you can still use solar powered phone chargers to recharge their batteries. This is where solar-powered phone chargers come into the picture.

These solar powered phone chargers get their power from the sun. You can use them to replenish the power of any modern gadget. Presently, solar-powered chargers are in backpacks and cars for portable use. They are available in various voltage levels. This allows you to purchase the charger that suits your needs the most. Here are the benefits of solar-powered chargers:

Readily Available

You can use solar-powered phone chargers whenever there is a power outage. They are also convenient power sources during your travels, especially if there is no regular power source in your destination. They are life savers in case you get stranded somewhere. Your phone will stay charged so that you can call for help.

Has a Clean Energy Source

The source of their energy is the sun. It is unlimited and free. You do not need to use fossil fuels like gasoline. This reduces your carbon footprint, allowing you to do more for your environment.


Solar-powered phone chargers have low maintenance costs if there are any. You save money on disposable batteries. You do not even need to plug it in to recharge it. This allows you to cut back your electric bills.


There are solar-powered phone chargers that can store energy in their internal batteries. This allows you to have a standby power source. You can still use it even if the weather is bad or it is nighttime.


As the name suggests, solar-powered phone chargers are most effective when the sun is high and bright. They can also be useful in a cold climate. These chargers are waterproof as well. So, even if you need them at the beach or during your whitewater expedition, these solar-powered phone chargers will help you get the power you need.

Solar-powered phone chargers are innovative and practical. They can help you charge your gadgets so that you can stay in touch with your loved ones. If you need help, you can easily call the authorities to get you home or to the nearest healthcare facility. These chargers should be in your travel bag all the time.

For more tips on saving energy and solar power, visit us at

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