Cart Magic - 5 organic Lemongrass Rooted Stalks
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5 organic Lemongrass Rooted Stalks
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5 Lemongrass Live, Fresh Stalks Cymbopogon

 **Mosquito Repellent, Used for Cooking, Making Tea**

You will receive 5 fresh, live stalks about 4 to 5 inches (with or without roots or sprouts).  They may already have roots, sprouts and leaves by the time you receive the stalks because they are well wrapped in moist paper towel. That means, they are ready to plant. In case they don't have sprouts or roots yet... don't worry,  just follow the simple steps in growing lemongrass. 

It is very easy to grow lemongrass stalks. Experience how exciting to see them grow in water.  

Simple Steps in Rooting Lemongrass Cuttings:

1. Place the stalks in a jar or vase with about 2 inches of water for about 1 week

2. Keep in a warm place or in a sunny location like a south facing windowsill

3. Change water every 2 days or when the water gets cloudy

4. They will start to sprout new leaves and the roots will start to grow

 Photos shown are the actual pictures of my lemongrass. 

Lemongrass loves sun. But do not expose to extreme hot sun when plants are newly planted. Wait until they are established. Do not expose to freezing temperature.

Lemongrass is easy to plant, easy to grow and easy to care.   

Benefits of Lemongrass

1. Good for Digestion

2. Full of antioxidants

3. Regulates High Blood Pressure

4. Boosts Metabolism and Burns Fat

5. For Naturally Great Skin and Hair

6. Heals Cold and Flu

7. Relieves menstrual pain

8. Mosquito Repellent

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