Dmcx - Food Vacuum Sealer Keeps Food Fresh
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Food Vacuum Sealer Keeps Food Fresh
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If you're a gardener or buy in bulk you know the pain of keeping foods fresh. Sealing and freezing may be the best option that you have but that cryvac sealer is hard to find, isn't it.  To keep your fresh foods fresher for longer or to seal and freeze in order to ensure long term storage you need a professional grade sealing machine.


Our heat sealer works for just about everything. it offers a tight seal and is easy and convenient to use. According to the thickness of the vacuum bag, the sealing temperature is automatically judged, which greatly improves work efficiency.


1. It can be connected to an external storage tank, no longer have to worry about wet/oily products being unable to vacuum,and it is easy to clean
2. Vacuum locks fresh with High performance pump down.
3. You can seal multiple packages at the same time to improve efficiency
4. Three levels of precise temperature control with manual memory function, you can manual adjustment
5. Widen the width of the tuyere and Widened water channel, Using 30cm heating wire length, compared with the 25cm length on the market, it can meet the sealing needs of more food
? Widen the sealing width of 3mm to reduce the possibility of air leakage
? Widen the vacuum chamber, easy to operate, use space: 36.5mm
6. Automatic / Manual  ?
? Automatic mode?from pumping to sealing with one button, all in one go
? Manual mode?greater suction force, suitable for more ingredients
There is a memory function in manual mode, the sealing is completed on the premise of setting the parameters for the first time, and the second time you only need to press the start button to vacuum seal according to the first parameters, which is convenient and worry-free.
7. New upgraded vortex vacuum tank : reduce the suction loss, and greatly increase the suction power (Auto mode pressure around 72 kPa, Manual mode pressure around 88 kPa )
8. Safe and silent: Bass low-noise technology, the noise is less than 60db
9. Tips:
?When vacuuming is required, the position of the vacuum bag mouth should be placed between the vacuum grooves of the sealing machine to have the vacuuming effect, otherwise it will not be able to vacuum.
?If you want to vacuum, you must use a textured vacuum bag. The thickness of the vacuum bag must be more than 30 silk on both sides, and the thickness of the double side can be less than 40 silk.

1. Sealing Length: 11.81" / 30cm
2. Source: 110V / 50Hz
3. Power: 140W
4. Suitable for: PE/PP Bags
5. Impluse Sealing for: Power-saving
6. Circuit: Precision Electronic Control
7. Max Sealing Thickness: 3mm
8. Vacuum time: 15-20s
9. Color: Pink
10. Dimensions: (13.78 x 5.51 x 1.97)" / (35x 14 x 5)cm (L x W x H)
11. Weight: 42.33oz / 1.2KG
12. Plug Type: US Standard
13. Material: Plastic

Package Includes:
1 x Sealing Machine
1 x Instruction Manual

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