Dmcx - Smudge Sticks Of White Sage, Dragon's Blood as Used by Native American Shaman
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5 Smudge Sticks Of White Sage, Dragon's Blood as Used by Native American Shamans
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Smudge Sticks Of White Sage, Dragon's Blood as Used by Native American Shamans

Keep Your Home Cleansed

smudging sageSage burning and home smudging is a well known practice among many native American tribes. It is used to eradicate negative energy, and  clear away bad spirits as well as  to cleanse any evil, anger, illness and conflict. 

This set of sage is more than just the white sage that is traditional. 

This house blessing, house cleansing sage bundle contains 5 different smudge sticks that measure between 3 and 5 inches long.

You will receive :

 5 smudge sticks each about 3 - 5 inches in length. We include:

  • 1 white sage stick, the most well known of all the cleansing or smudging herbs. It is believed to be a spiritual cleanser and offers protection to the home.White sage is thought to assist in attracting prosperity to the household.
  • 1 Blue Sage stick. Closely related to white sage the smell is fresher and has some flowery overtones. It is used to remove hatred and negativity from the household as well as to purify the house. Many people use blue sage to meditate and will use blue sage when they find the scent of white sage more overpowering.
  •  Cedar: Used for protection and to  purify spaces, objects and people cedar is usually used when you move into your house to cleans it and take away any negative energy from the home.. Cedar is also believed to act to attract positive energy
  •  Dragons Blood: Dragon's Blood Smudge is White Sage infused with Dragon's Blood Resin. Two powerful spiritual cleansing and protection items in one stick!   Dragons Blood resin has long been used for purification and protection purposes. It is used to drive away negative energy and spirits.
  •  Black Mugwort, also known as Black Sage, has a wonderful highly aromatic sweet herbal smell, and can be burned for many spiritual cleansing and blessing purposes. It is believed to drive out evil spirits and negative energy. Burned in the evening the material is believed to encourage both a restful sleep and plentiful dreams.

home cleansingAll of our items are hand made and the products are harvested at variious times so do expect that they will be slightly unique in nature.

Colors of the herbs will vary as will the strings used to bind them.



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