Cart Magic - Wandering Jew 8 Cuttings, Purple, Easy to Grow Perennial Plant, Free Shipping
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Wandering Jew 8 Cuttings, Purple, Easy to Grow Perennial Plant, Free Shipping
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8 Fresh Cuttings (cut on the day of shipping)

 Easy to plant, easy to grow and easy to care. The more you cut the stems...the more they grow.

 Nice accent to your garden and landscaping. You can also hang this plant to give your patio a nice ambiance.

Dark purple, lance-shaped leaves up to 7? long are produced alternately on fleshy stems. The fleshy leaves are covered with pale hairs and form a sheath around the stem. The stems are quite fragile, and break off easily if brushed or kicked too hard. In colder areas it will die back to the ground in winter, but comes back from the roots in spring. The rambling plants get about a foot high but can spread much wider.

From midsummer through fall, and sporadically at other times, relatively inconspicuous pink or pale purple flowers with bright yellow stamens are produced at the ends of the stems. These ½? wide blooms have three petals typical of this genus.
Grow purple heart in full sun for best color development; plants growing in shade tend more to green than purple. Pinch the plants to promote more compact growth. Plants are drought tolerant and thrive on neglect, but also tolerate frequent watering. Fertilize monthly when actively growing. Cut plants back after flowering to prevent them from getting spindly. If grown in containers to hold indoors over the winter or as houseplants, reduce watering during the winter and don?t fertilize until new growth starts in spring. The juice from the leaves or stems may cause skin redness and irritation in some people and dogs, but this is not a common problem.

Plants are easily propagated by taking cuttings from any part of the plant ? just shove a node into the soil or potting mix and it will usually root (or place in water until roots develop). 
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